Subtle Tiyes

The Subtle Tiyes Store is an online wellness bar that accommodates the needs of your mind, body and soul through a wide range of products that aim to rejuvenate from the inside out.

Why Choose Us?

Subtle Tiyes Skincare started in a kitchen in Los Angeles, California. Subtle Tiyes Skincare founder, Melanie Luja, embodies the spirit of vision and entrepreneurship reserved for few. She's been formulating beauty concoctions for over 10 years. Her work is based in creative intuition, and that intuition is backed up with realms of knowledge and experience.

Melanie is a rebel by nature. A revolution is sometimes needed to change the unhealthy status quo. Melanie looks forward to proving her art and craft, her vision and professionalism, and invites you to explore the website, read the lists of ingredients (always provided), check out the heartfelt customer reviews, and start your journey into her lovely world of skincare. Permission granted to come aboard.